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Let these videos, and the people and businesses featured, take you on a journey of their trade secrets.

Hear from architects, developers, builders, retailers, sustainability leaders, painters, plumbers and electricians WHY they have chosen to adapt their skills and work practices to sustainable outcomes and how they are doing this.

Demand for sustainable housing and energy and water efficiency is on the rise. The Skills for the Future online video series provides clear, practical information for tradespeople and apprentices about the easiest ways to implement sustainable practices into their service. Developed with the assistance of industry experts, these short films cover all the 'must-knows' for each trade and provide useful links to online resources and further training. At 5 minutes each, you can watch them at home, at work and even on your mobile



Architect Caroline Pidcock

 Architect, Caroline Pidcock, Pidcock Architecture
The idea of saving the planet doesn't turn you on?
How about the idea of great architecture and saving pennies?
That's the kind of buildings architect Caroline Pidcock is talking about. more
Builder James Harradance

 Builder, James Harradance
Feel like sustainability should be the first thing to go on the backburner during a Great Financial Crisis? Think again. James Harradance shows how you can save the environment and your pocket at the same time. more
Mick Harris

 Consultant, Mick Harris, The Environment Shop
We all renovate because we want our homes to more comfortable. Add some sustainable products, and you provide a cleaner and better environment for your home. Mick Harris explains how it's done. more
Mike Hill

 Developer, Mike Hill, WestWyck
Sustainability is about having a strong sense of community. It's about caring how people interact and relate and share together. When Mike Hills sees a house, he also sees a chance to build a community. more
Duncan Herbert

 General Manager, Duncan Herbert, Solartex
We all know about necessity and its maternal relationship to invention. Duncan Herbert is well aware that when a problem presents itself, creativity and innovation will be required to find a solution. It's a belief that underpins his business. more
Richard Luke - Luke Constructions

 General Manager, Richard Luke, Luke Constructions
As Ben Lee once said, 'We're all in this together'. It's a truth Richard Luke knows all too well. Sustainability is an ethos that needs to underpin everything we do. more
Ann Austin

 National Sustainability Manager, Ann Austin, Bovis Lend Lease
Can't think of a good reason to include sustainable practices in your business plan? Ann Austin could give you a million good reasons to think again. Sustainable buildings mean great working environments, and great working environments mean people who work more effectively and to a higher quality. more
Painter Daniel Wurm

 Painter, Daniel Wurm, Green Painters Ltd
You haven't got anything if you haven't got your health. For someone like Daniel Wurm, this was exactly the reason he turned to sustainable paints. It's a lesson well-learned. Check it out here. more
Sarah Quinton Project Cadet Multiplex

 Project Cadet, Sarah Quinton with Human Resources Adviser, Rachel Surgeon, both for Brookfield Multiplex
It's tough looking for work in this day and age and a competitive advantage is the best thing you can have. Sarah Quinton explains how sustainability has given her the edge she needs. more
Petie Walker

 Project Manager, Petie Walker with Site Construction Man, Jamie Kunst, both for Leightons Contractors
Want to keep your market share? Petie Walker says it all about relationships and understanding with your suppliers and contractors and educating your partners about your sustainability practices. more
Proprietor Darren Parkinson

 Proprietor, Darryn Parkinson, your abode design+development
How does someone begin the design process? Sketching? Visualisations? Crayons on walls? Not according to Darryn Parkinson. He starts his design process by thinking about sustainability. Check it out here. more
Renewable energy specialist - Pilar de la Toore

 Renewable Energy Specialist, Pilar de la Torre
Where do you head if you want to train in sustainable practices? Pilar de la Torre shows us around Holmesglen TAFE. Watch it here. more
Technical Officer, Ernie Kretschmer, Master Plumbers

 Technical Officer, Ernie Kretschmer, Master Plumbers
Hear from those in the building & construction industry within Australia about best practice for a sustainable future. more
Plumber Ernie Kretschmer

 Technical Officer, Ernie Kretschmer, Master Plumbers Australia with Director, John Salmon, Salmon Plumbing
Want to fix your plumbing in a sustainable way but don't know who to call? Ernie Kretschmer explains how green plumbers will answer the phone and your questions. John Salmon talks about the incentives and benefits of green plumbing.


Building for Comfort 1

 Building for Comfort Part 1 - The Sun
How to design and build with the sun in mind to maximise year round comfort: covers glazing, shading and building layout
For: builders, designers, apprentices, householders more
Building for Comfort 2

 Building for Comfort Part 2 - The Building Envelope
How to design and build with the climate in mind to maximise year round comfort: covers insulation, glazing, draught-proofing, ventilation and thermal mass.
For: builders, designers, apprentices, householders more
Air Conditioning

 Energy Efficient Air Conditioning
How to select, install and use air conditioning system which maximises comfort and minimises energy wastage.
For: air conditioner installers/sellers, electricians, plumbers, apprentices, householders more

 Energy Efficient Lighting
How to design a residential lighting set-up which maximises effectiveness and minimises running costs and emissions.
For: electricians, apprentices, householders more
Hot Water

 Hot Water Systems
How to select and install a hot water system which maximises effectiveness and minimises running costs and emissions
For: plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 1

 Installing a Rainwater Tank - Part 1 Rainwater Systems
Starting out: how and where can rainwater be used, selecting the right rainwater system.
For: Plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 2

 Installing a Rainwater Tank - Part 2 Rainwater Collection
From the roof to the tank: roofs, gutters, downpipes and first-flush diverters.
For: Plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 3

 Installing a Rainwater Tank - Part 3 Rainwater Storage
Storing the rainwater: tank types and sizing, installation considerations, mosquito protection, overflow and maintenance.
For: Plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 4

 Installing a Rainwater Tank - Part 4 Rainwater Supply
From the tank to the home: pumps, controllers, top-up systems, backflow prevention and water treatment.
For: Plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Solar Hot Water

 Solar Hot Water
How to select and install a solar hot water system which maximises effectiveness and minimises running costs and emissions
For: plumbers, apprentices, householders more
Sustainable Materials

 Sustainable Materials
What, where and how to use materials with lower environmental impact, without sacrificing function or budget. Includes tips for timber, concrete, joinery, adhesives, paints and other materials.  
For: builder, designers, apprentices, householders



WorldSkills Australia Nationals - Green Team 2010

 WorldSkills Australia Nationals - Green Team 2010
Under the guidance of the lead auditor, ARUP, the Green Team conducted interviews with each of the skill areas and gathered data that will become part of the Environmental Audit Report and establish benchmarks for improvement. During the competition, the Green Team interviewed those categories who put their hands up to be considered for the awards. The awards have been introduced to recognise actions taken by project designers and category convenors on issues such as sustainable practice, efficient use of materials, water and power management and wastage within the competition. more

 Sustain Ability at WorldSkills
We meet Apprentice sparkie Samuel Baker from Cobar, who is contributing to Sustainability Place DSF. With other TAFE students, we see Samuel building a wind generator - and we see just how green WorldSkills can be! more

 Skills for Sustainability Cabinetmaking, A Skills One Video
This video shows how cabinetmaking has become an environmentally-friendly industry. Jason Hindes, chief judge, is showcasing the use of 100% second hand or reclaimed material in cabinet making at WorldSkills. more

 Landscaping Lifestyles @ WorldSkills, A Skills One Video
On the last day of competition, Simon Buchanan takes us through the Landscape Construction site, showing us what the competitors have accomplished so far and what they are trying to achieve. more

 Skills for Sustainability Bricklaying, A Skills One Video
Tim Hambly, Bricklaying Judge, talks us through sustainable bricklaying at the WorldSkills Nationals 2008. He demonstrates some of the talented and aesthetically-pleasing projects that are nearing completion. more

 Skills for Sustainability Joinery, A Skills One Video
Meet Steve Bulman, Chief Judge WorldSkills Joinery and the man responsible for sourcing thermally modified wood from Finland to use in the greenest WorldSkills Competition in the World. more

 Skills for Sustainability Electrical Control, A Skills One Video
David Arnold, Electrical Control Coordinator, has been the international expert on 6 occasions for Australia, and on 4 occasions has been the chief expert. He therefore knows a lot about electrics! more


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