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Builder, James Harradance

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Feel like sustainability should be the first thing to go on the backburner during a Great Financial Crisis? Think again. James Harradance shows how you can save the environment and your pocket at the same time.

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James Harradance

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Sustainability is trying to be a bit responsible for yourself, your impact on the environment. I have an awareness towards it, I won't put up with people doing stupid things on site, like for instance painters throwing things down drains. Just doing stuff that is illegal and you shouldn't do anyway.

The less amount of waste you have the more profit you are going to make as well, so you should be trying to cut down on waste anyway. When it's in my hands and I am doing an owner builders job and I am running the job, I just do that, a lot of the times it's a cost plus operation anyway so you don't have to... well you do have to justify what you are paying for, but you kind of plainly say to them, it's for your benefit.

You can recycle pretty much everything so separate your waste, obviously you get money for copper and brass and that kind of stuff, lead, all the other steel, tin. When you obviously take roofs off, take that somewhere and get it taken off your hands for nothing so it doesn't cost you anything.

You separate all your bricks, so you take that to the tip and it's cheap, really cheap to get rid of compared to filling up bins out on the street. I live in the inner city so I think there is a lot more awareness and people are a bit more keyed towards it so it's not a fight for me to get my point across. They are professionals, they are educated and they earn good money. It's a bit of a pulling card for some, a certain type of person.

A lot of them would do it as well to say to their friends, we have done this and that because it's environmentally friendly. People who are pushing the boundaries to get floor space, so you can't alright we are going to have more air locks in your ceiling space, going to bring the ceiling down in a house that is tiny to start with, there are things like that that I will push, but it's not like I would say I am not doing the job if you aren't going to do it. People are paying thousands of dollars for air conditioning through summer, it's not a cost you have to worry about because it's an insulated house. It's a drop in the ocean to the amount of money the job is going to cost anyway.

Our houses are wired so you leave the house with a switch that you can flick off so there is nothing on stand by. Everything in the yard they are all natives so low maintenance, no water required. I think the younger generation like people my age and then younger, they have got more awareness to all this sort of stuff anyway so it's only going to get bigger and bigger.


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